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Game 3 | Palencia vs CB Breogan | 21:30

Business Trip To Palencia We won our first game at home and got to enjoy a little bit of San Froilan over the weekend.  But now it is time for another business trip to play Palencia.  We will be playing in Municipal Sports Pavillion, just 4 hours bus ride to Palencia. Every trip after Castellon will feel short ?.
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Best Basketball Store In Europe |

The Struggle  People do not know the struggle I am going through when I try to shop for clothes or basketball shoes.  For clothes, if I want them to be long enough, I have to buy 3-xl or sometimes 4-xl.  But the problem here is that I am not large, I am just tall.  However, finding clothes to
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Game 2 | CB Breogan vs. OVIEDO | 19:00

First Home Game After a long but succesful trip to Castellon, we get to kick of the season in front of our fans.  Today we are going to play against Oviedo at 19:00 local time!  There isn't much to say, just that I am veery excited play for such great fans: How to Watch You will need to
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