Signed with CB Breogán

I am beyond excited to join CB Breogán in their quest to move back up to ACB this season.  Breogán is a very professional club with a rich history and love for the game of basketball.

What attracted me the most about the club is the fact that Breogan wants to win Leb Oro and gain promotion to the ACB.  Another factor was that, even though we are currently in Leb Oro, Breogán has ACB standards and conditions.  From management, to coaches and trainers, they are all professionals and have one goal in mind: get back to ACB!

Next was that my old friend, Thomas de Thaey, is going to be my teammate.  We met for the first time when he came to visit my bro Joey and roomate at that time (1402 Central WHAT IS UP) and we stayed in touch and good friends ever since.  Cannot wait to ball with him and improve our game but mostly to see his beautiful, just born, daughter Hannah Grace!

Last but not least, I must mention the fans of Breogan.  As soon as the news hit that I signed with the club, I recieved so much love and so many welcome messages!  I want to THANK YOU for that and I cannot wait to meet you all and start this journey together!

Where is Breogán?

The club is situated in Lugo, a city located NW of Spain.

We will play our games in Pazo dos Deportes.

You can follow the schedule here.

The first game of the season is on September 27th against TAU Castello and Joey van Zegeren… what were the odds!

Follow the team here