So It Begins

After almost a month with the team, it is time to kick off the season! What a better way to start it off than a 12 hour long bus ride trip to play TAU Castello,located on the east coast of Spain in Castello de la Plana.

We will be playing in Pabellón Ciutat de Castello where my old friend and former teammate Joey van Zegeren plays!

Looking forward to start of the season on a good note! Excited to meet Joey as well. #ForzaBreo

How to watch

You will need to download the La Liga Sports TV app on your mobile device and register an account. The app has a dedicated channel for Basketball where the game will be streamed live. Download the app for:




First game was a success.  We got an early lead and never looked back! Below you can see the stats. Next game at home, October 5th against Liberbank Oviedo Basketball.