Gameday vs. BCMU Pitesti | LNBM | Game 4

decembrie 29th, 2020|

After a small Christmas nreak, we are ready to roll again in our next tournament hosted by Sibiu. In our first game we will face BCMU Pitesti. They are a very dangerous team and well coached by my national team coach, Costescu. Next game will be tomorrow vs. CSU Sibiu. We are looking to end a very strange 2020 [...]

Gameday vs. CSM Oradea | LNBM | Game 3

decembrie 13th, 2020|

Game #3 vs. CSM Oradea In our 3rd and final game in this tournament, we face the other lions and hosts, CSM Oradea.  Oradea also won their first two games and they are among the favorites to win the championship this season.  We will have a difficult task ahead as they are a very well organized group, with players [...]

Gameday vs. CSM Targu Jiu | LNBM | Game 2

decembrie 10th, 2020|

Game #2 vs. CSM Targu Jiu After our win yesterday, it is time to quickly focus on our next one against Targu jiu. Our last game against them was an easy one.  However, due to COVID problems Tg. Jiu came to the tournament with only 7 players. Now it is not the same case, and I know for sure [...]

Gameday vs. CSM Galati | LNBM | Game 1

decembrie 9th, 2020|

Game #1 vs. CSM Galati | LNBM It is actually happening. After sitting out and missing the cup games I get to actually play an official game after 9 months! I cannot be more excited to hit the floor with my teammates. It has been a long road already, but the journey is just about to begin! [...]

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Despre Mine

Poziția: Pivot

Echipa Actuală: SCM Timișoara

Agenția: Tangram Sports

Agent: Christos Lazarou

Născut: 15 Oct, 1993

Locul Nașterii: Timișoara, Romania

Naționalitate: Român

Înălțime: 7-0 (213cm)     Greutate: 270 (122kg)