The Struggle 

People do not know the struggle I am going through when I try to shop for clothes or basketball shoes.  For clothes, if I want them to be long enough, I have to buy 3-xl or sometimes 4-xl.  But the problem here is that I am not large, I am just tall.  However, finding clothes to wear is not as a big of a problem as finding shoes.

Whenever I walk in to a store, I don’t even bother looking around.  I go straight to the front desk and ask “What is your biggest shoe size in the store?”  With a confused look they say that they have size 14 maybe size 15.  For those who do not know, I wear size 17.  That’s 51.5 EU.  You can imagine that it is pretty hard to find.  And if by any miracle they do have a size 17 shoe in the store… it looks like one that has been sitting on the shelf since 1996.

But at it was totally different.  When I asked if they have size 17 they said yes.  In my mind I thought they maybe had 2 or 3 pairs.  When I asked if I can see them, they told me to go choose a model from the shelf and they will bring my size from the back.  Now I was the one that was confused.

Shoes I Bought

Can you tell how confused I was?  Like I said above, in some stores, I would have only one option.  At I had more than 10.  Different models, different colors, I just did not know what to buy.  I ended up buying the Air Jordan 1 Low “Lightweight” for the streets,  the Jordan Super Fly 2017 Blake Griffin “North Carolina” because it matches very well with our home jerseys, the Adidas Dame 5 “All Skate” to match the away jerseys, and the Puma Uproar Hybrid Court Core “White Meta” to practice with.

Thank You

Thank you for the shoes and for taking care of me here in Lugo. You love basketball and we love you! You earned a customer for life! Until next time!