In my first week in Lugo, I got to meet my new teammates, seen some familiar faces, trained, and already played in 3 games.

And I gotta say that so far, I love everything… the city, the team, the fans, everything!

Although I was with the national team for a month, I still had to adjust to the way of training. One big difference is how much we lift during the week. We lift in the morning, after practice a bit, and even on game-days! Something that my body is still adjusting to, but I love the challenge to do it, and I know it will only make me better and stronger overall.

In this pre-season, we already played 3 games (won 2 lost 1) since I got here. And more are coming! We still have some time to prepare until the season officially starts on 27th of September.

On a day off, I took a walk around the city of Lugo, and I was in awe when I saw the wall that was built buy the Romans, over 2000 years ago. The wall stretches over 2km long, surrounding the old city center of Lugo. With me loving anything that is medieval, I gotta say the walk on the wall was my favorite attraction in Lugo.

While I was there, I also did some shopping at Manel Sanchez. Place where I bought myself some kicks to wear at the game and on the street.

It is the first store, ever, that I walked in, and when I asked for some size 17 shoes, they came out with like 20 pairs of them! For me, it is not something normal! In all other places they either don’t have my shoes or they only have one old and ugly pair that I wouldn’t not even wear no matter how desperate I am.

Just this past weekend, we had a trip to Portugal where we played some games in Il Torneio Internacional Viana do Castelo. There we won our first game, but lost in the final against F.C. Porto.

Had a great start here and looking forward to the next days to get back to work and get ready for another pre-season game this Sunday in Copa de Galicia.