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Artifact #4467
Allien #779
Soonanaut #1986

ETH NFTs ($197.69 gas fees)

IOTA NFTs ($0 gas fees)


METABILLIONAIRE represents a collection of 7,777 unique billionaires categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements.
METABILLIONAIRE are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on an interplanetary file system (IPFS).
Their mission is to unite METABILLIONAIRES from all around the world; connecting, learning, growing, and giving back with one another.

About Wall Street Chads

3,333 Chads are leaving their moms' basements to build the greatest decentralized hedge fund in history.Inspired by the WallStreetBets community in moving global markets, the Chads are building the first ever community-ran investment platform where Chad NFT holders can create investment proposals, vote, and decide on the fate of the treasury, initially funded with 50% of funds raised at mint.Mint a Chad and become a shareholder in the glorious Corporation.But not just any corporation.A corporation that'd put the likes of Walmart, Bayer and Unilever to shame:

About Rusty Robot Country Club

First & foremost the Rusty Robot Country Club is a members only community with exclusive benefits that grow with time.

Every Rusty Robot is unique and when you buy a Rusty Robot you are not only buying an individual art piece, but you are also buying into a global club of rusty rejects that support the same NFT community fanaticism as you.

Each Rusty Robot is procedurally generated using some cool 1’s & 0’s from over 150 different traits, including head gear, eyes, mouth, clothing, antennae, accessories, and more.

11,111 will be minted as native NFTs on the IOTA distributed ledger. With 111 minted for promotional distribution, airdrops, rewards, and for the team, 1000 available as a genesis pre-sale launch, and 10,000 available in a one time public sale.

Additional benefits such as exclusive merchandise, airdrops, and other goodies may be automatically dropped direct to your wallet. So be sure to keep an eye out.


An IOTABOT is a NFT in the form of a profile picture (PFP) that gives you access to the IOTABOTVERSE. There will be a total of 10.000 unique IOTABOTS.

The IOTABOTVERSE consists of many NFT projects. Discover the metaverse and play, trade and earn with IOTABOTS and others.

Holding a IOTABOT earned me a free airdrop from the Early Adopters project.

About Tangle Labs

A Community NFT Drop of 2500 Limited Edition Tangle Labs NFTs to Fund the Future of Digital Identity on IOTA.

As a salute to the amazing contributions and support the IOTA community provide, they are offering an opportunity for you all to be a part of the Tangle Labs journey and join them in building a global future for IOTA Digital Identity.

- 2500 Limited Edition NFT Collection
- Four Unique Designs
- Numbered Rarity
- 100Mi Fair Launch ($0 gas fee 😱)

The primary focus of Tangle Labs is to support real world adoption and the introduction of accessible tools for IOTA Digital Identity.


For any inquiries please email