Eurosender And DPD Lost My Bags | My Story

Eurosender And DPD Lost My Bags | My Story





In the last couple of years, I played in 4 different countries. Each time I had to take all my luggage with me either on the plane or just ship them from one country to another. But from so many trips, shipments, and relocations, I never lost my bags, until I used Eurosender. Here is my story.

Last season, 2018-2019, I played in Belgium. And after I left Belgium to go to Romania, I talked to a friend if I could leave my luggage at their place until the next season with my new team. I basically left there all my winter clothes, a TV, Xbox, my GameReady, and my Compex. Stuff I didn’t really need over the summer.

Fast forward to October, I settle myself in Spain, Lugo, to my new team. With winter approaching, I decided to finally ship my suitcase full of clothes and my Xbox, GameReady, and a backpack where I probably had some shoes and my Compex in it. In total 3 items.

After doing some research, I decided to use Eurosender to ship my items from Belgium to Spain. Little that I knew that they were going to lose 2 out of the 3 items worth well over 1000 Euros. Choosing Eurosender was my first mistake.

October 28th, 2019

On Eurosender’s website, I purchased a shipping service from Belgium to Spain for 3 packages. The total order was 142,96€ without insurance. I truly believed that Eurosender and it’s logistic partner DPD would safely deliver my items to a destination, hence my decision to not buy insurance. And that was my second biggest mistake. I definitely should have purchased insurance. Because the value of all 3 packages combined would have reached around 6000€:

  1. GameReady – 4500€
  2. Compex 8.0 – 800€
  3. Xbox One S – 250€
  4. Clothes/Shoes – ~500€

In the confirmation email, I received some instructions on how to prepare everything for pick up.

  • Please pack your items in a manner that is appropriate for transportation with a courier service provider. Every package should be properly closed, but also adequately packed in order to avoid damage in the unlikely event of a fall or hit.
  • Courier services providers will only transport items that have sufficient surface space to paste the sticker with the tracking bar code. Bags made out of material where the sticker will not adhere will not be accepted by the courier.
  • Courier services providers will not transport plastic bags, rucksacks, handbags or travel bags if they are not packed in cardboard box.
  • For international shipments to and from Greece, courier services providers will not transport sprays, batteries or any type of electronic device which includes batteries (such as laptops, tablets, mp3s, etc.) due to plane transportation restrictions.
  • When booking courier services for the delivery of both packages and pallets within the same order please consider that:
    • We consider a pallet as a loaded EU pallet of maximum 120 length x 80 width x 100 height and up to 240kg. If the dimensions or weights of the pallet are higher than our limits, any additional costs will be borne exclusively by the customer.
    • The goods must be attached to the pallet in a way that assures their stability until reaching the destination.
    • The service will be carried out by two different courier companies. In order to have the packages and pallets collected by the same courier company, please contact us.
  • The estimated delivery date depends on the courier services providers and on the destination.
  • This reservation is non-refundable and cannot be changed or canceled.
  • All delivery times listed are estimated and are measured in business days. A business day is considered every official working day of the week.
  • For additional and more detailed information please visit our Terms & Conditions or the FAQ section in our webpage.
  • The contract is stored at Eurosender’s premises and can be accessed by the customer at any time upon a written request sent to

October 30th, 2019

My order is picked up and I received my tracking links + my friend took photos of everything:

November 5th, 2019

On this date, I received an email from SEUR (DPD partner) telling me that they could not make the delivery because the address was wrong.

It was actually not wrong. It is just the address that I used was the one from Pazo dos Deportes in Lugo. And the building does not have a number. After calling SEUR and confirming exactly the address, the next day. But to my surprise, I only got delivered one item out of 3. The GameReady. I was still missing the backpack and the suitcase.

I immediately called SEUR and told them about what happened. They confirmed to me that they only received one package from Belgium. Right after that, I called Eurosender explaining the situation. They said they will contact DPD and come back with the information.

November 8th-27th 2019

During these days there is an ongoing email communication between Eurosender and me asking for information about my packages. In the beginning, they were telling me that they contacted DPD but haven’t received any info back. Until finally, I get the same issue, that the address was wrong… I gave them both the address to the gym where the GameReady came, and also my apartment address. One of them had to work.

December 3rd, 2019

After another couple of days from the last contact with Eurosender, I emailed them again saying that this is absolutely ridiculous and they have to send me the shipment ASAP. But this time, I get this:

Excuse me what? How can you “try to locate” something that you already had ready for shipment?

It’s like you have your phone in your hand, you are about to text someone, but you look up to talk with your friend, and then when you look down at your phone, it disappeared, and you are not able to locate it.

Excuse me?

All this time you had it and then suddenly it disappeared?

Can someone explain this to me?

They couldn’t.

I was really frustrated and I was thinking about the worst, but I still had hope because I showed them pictures and a very detailed description of them. I mean, how many Under Armour travel bags with number 22 and a Spalding backpack from Kangoeroes Mechelen could be in a DPD depot? Not to mention, the tracking link definitely showed that they were still in transit in Mechelen.

December 20th, 2019

So, my worst fear became true. The bags, that were right under their nose, were lost. I still cannot comprehend how:

    1. If the address was wrong… why ship 1 of the bags and keep 2? Shouldn’t you keep all 3 of them and then deliver with the right address?
    2. Since Eurosender told me that the address was wrong, it means they still had them, they knew where they were. They just needed a correct address and then ship them. How come suddenly, it disappeared?


After all this mess, I still don’t know what happened. I believe two things:

  1. Either, Eurosender/DPD are very irresponsible and incompetent that they cannot keep track of our bags and nobody should trust them
  2. Or, someone from DPD stole my bags, and still should not be trusted ever again

I cannot comprehend how my bags can evaporate like that. I do not understand how, even with tracking links, one cannot find out where they are.

When asked “What would happen if by any chance they would find the bags in the future,” their response on the phone was “That is very unlikely!” I guess they really think that the bags disintegrated. Or, here is an even crazier idea… it might have gotten stolen?

Either way, it is clear that Eurosender and DPD are not to be trusted.

I do not wish this on anybody. I write this to WARN you!!


It was my first time using them and my bags were lost. There is a very high chance that it might happen to you as well.

Stay away from them! Try to find others, take your bags with you in the car or plane. It is not worth to lose your items and deal with all this stress, so that in the end, you are left with nothing.


During this whole process, I thought that Eurosender/DPD would see that it was their fault and that they will reimburse me for the items that were lost/stolen.

Once again, my loss totaled at least 1400 Euros. I thought that I was going to get 400 Euros for the 2 bags (200 Euros/bag), the money back that I paid for the shipment (~150 Euros), plus at least half for the items lost.

However, they said that they were only going to reimburse me 200 Euros for the big bag. Because the backpack was not packed properly.

Ok…but if it was not packed properly, why did you pick it up to ship it in the first place?

This thing is not going to work, and I am currently looking for a lawyer to help me with this because this is not going to end like this.

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  1. George

    hello, i have the same issue happening now. did you find any lawer by any chance?

    1. Alex Olah

      I did not. Unfortunately, I could not get to Belgium to fix the situation. They just refunded the shipment…

  2. Soumaya

    Same thing happened to me ! it’s a bummer !

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